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Affiliate page

Earn money from sending us customers who register their ads with us. This is through joining our affiliate program. You simply need to create an account with us and then, place the affiliate link on your website or on your YouTube videos. You may also send the link through email, twitter, or Facebook to your friends… so, sit back and see the money in your bank account increase as the visitors you have referred convert into our customers.

How it works

This is a very simple process –

  1. Your visitor clicks on the affiliate link that is on your website or in the email or Twitter and Facebook message.
  2. The IP of the visitor is logged, with a cookie being placed on the browser they are using for tracking.
  3. Your visitor goes to our site and may post an advertisement for either to buy or to sell natural hair.
  4. In case the visitor posts the ad, this is registered as your sale and you will be paid commission for it. The visitor does not have to place the ad the first time they browse. This is because IPs and cookies are stored for duration of time.

What to do to start making money through our affiliate programs

  1. Get an affiliate account by signing up and then you log in.
  2. Return here to this affiliate page. Copy the affiliate link while logged in.
  3. Work on promoting the affiliate link as much as possible. This could be by using your website, social media, YouTube, or any other means.
  4. Monitor your earnings by checking this page every now and then.
  5. You can make a withdrawal request the time your balance gets to or goes above $10.
  6. The moment we receive your request for withdrawal and verify your earnings, you will be paid.
  7. Keep on promoting sellhaircash.com and get more money.

What are the earnings and how are you paid?

If your refer traders purchasing from an advert costing between $10 and $ 21, you get a 25% commission. You also get 5 % commission for the sub affiliates adverts. As soon as your account balance gets to $10, you can make a request for withdrawal from this page (affiliate page) and you will be paid using PayPal.

Which are the best ways to promote sellhaircash.com

You can promote this website by using your website and we can give you banners. You may also promote through the social media by using networks such as Facebook or Twitter or by placing an affiliate link on YouTube videos. E-mailing friends the affiliate link informing them about the hair selling opportunity is also another option.

Why promote sellhaircash.com

Apart from the commission of 25% and 5% that is offered on each sale, there is also the promotion of a service beneficial to others. This is because they can make a lot of money selling their hair, an opportunity many are not aware of.

sellhaircash.com is the largest site in the world for hair trading. It gets the most traffic and it is currently attracting a large number of hair sellers and buyers every day.

Are you an affiliate?

Please make a visit to the Affiliate login page. Enter the username and your password to access your account details, linking code and banners.