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Buy & Sell Hair Safely

Just like any marketplace, there are fraudulent people scheming strategies to defraud legitimate hair buyers/sellers. We have added this page in our attempt to protect our hair sellers and buyers. This is to give you an update on the latest frauds.

Some common frauds

  • The buyer agreeing to send a ‘certified check’ to the seller. It is later discovered that it is fake.
  • Buyer claims to send you some money above the selling price. He or she then requests you to wire the excess funds to cover ‘shipping costs.’ Eventually, the money the buyer claims to send does not go through.
  • The seller is asked to take the buyers good faith of pending funds in the PayPal account. The buyer claims that those funds will clear after the item is posted and the tracking ID is inserted into PayPal. In reality, the payments could have been made using a credit card that had been stolen that will bounce. Be careful since PayPal does not need a tracking ID for clearing of funds.
  • Buyer sends a fake payment notification to the seller. This is from PayPal to their email account.
  • The buyer sends the seller a fake money order.

Other suspicious activities

  • The buyer trying to create trust through talking about private experiences and topics not related to the sale.
  • Buyers with weird or poor syntax and grammar.
  • Buyers willing to pay more than the listed or requested price.
  • Request for unnecessary personal information.
  • Request through Skype for you to cut off portion of your hair.

The best thing is to register on the site using a temporary email address. This is because buyers know your email address since they see it when you reply to messages sent to you using the site. In case you responded to a scammer, you should include their email address to the spam list or blocked emails to prevent any more communication.

For your safety and security, all buyers and sellers should handle the payments using PayPal. No further action should be taken until payments have cleared completely. Log in to your PayPal account to check the status of your payment.

In case you receive scam messages, forward them immediately to recoveryexpert[at]gmail.com or contact us at sellhaircash.com.

The user’s email address and IP is found on the footer in the first message received from sender while using this website.

Know that scammers are there in many popular marketplaces. Especially on sites that have classified ads with free registration and where messaging sellers is simple.

The advantage is that most of the sellers on this site know about the common scams. We also do our best to inform our users on what to observe. We also remind the sellers about the online safety etiquette in the selling hair guide during the ad listing. Upon receiving the scammers’ reports, we give the information to scammer databases immediately. We also cross check all those registering with the list from the scammer database.

Sellhaircash.com is a classified site for selling and buying hair. It is not responsible for any transactions that are conducted with third parties.