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What is sellhaircash.com?

It is a website which sells human hair worldwide. Those who would like to change their appearance from having long hair to short hair can sell their cut hair provided it has enough length.

What makes sellhaircash.com the best website for selling my hair?

It is the first and the only website selling natural hair in the whole world. You can get offers for your hair from buyers all over the world and sell it in the international market for the best price possible.

Using our website to list your hair ad is guaranteed to reach more buyers of a wider spectrum who can judge your hair at its best value. This is better than placing an announcement on forums or general classifieds sites.

To list an ad is fast and simple. You just need to log in and to fill out selling form. The Seller Guide should help your in selling your hair.

How is the ad submitted?

Simply log in to your account then fill the hair selling form carefully. The ad can be changed any time.

Ensure that your uploaded pictures show the proper quality of your hair.

How do I respond to prospective buyers contacting me using the website?

Respond to a buyer by clicking the ‘respond’ button in the received email. To be safe, never give out your telephone number or address to anyone.

Why should I sell my hair at sellhaircash.com?

  •   Natural hair makes the key material used by many wig makers, hair artists and hairpiece makers visiting the site every day. Because value is created by scarcity, price for the hair reach up to thousands of dollars.
  •   The present trend in hairdressing is the shoulder length, mid long and short cut. This is the reason most women prefer them, particularly if their hair is very long and it requires lots of attention and care.
  •   Cutting off the long hair allows women to show off their neck. According to specialists in sexology, the neck is among the parts of the body of a woman that are most attractive.

Please note that selling your hair has other benefits aside from the financial and aesthetic ones. The hair is a priceless favor to people who really need it. Natural hair is a material in the manufacture of medical and aesthetic wigs, hairpieces, and hair extensions for the sufferers of alopecia. Your hair acquires a second life with someone who really needs it.

How can I avoid misunderstandings?


  1. Contact the vendors of human using our website at all times.
  2. Never give your phone number or address to your sellers to communicate to you without using the website.
  3. Make payments using PayPal at all times. In case you do not have an account with PayPal you can create it here: https://www.paypal.com


  1. You should never place a hair ad if you have no plans of selling your hair.
  2. Do not place false hair ads.
  3. By no means should you give information that is false concerning your hair.
  4. Never provide your phone number, address, or place of residence to prospective buyers for contact outside the website.
  5. Make payments using PayPal at all times. In case you do not have an account with PayPal, you can create it here: https://www.paypal.com.

What am I to do if someone claims to be from sellhaircash.com?

All communication coming from us appears as recoveryexpertguru(at)gmail.com. Make sure you report to us any suspicious emails.

You have not given an answer to my question

In case we have not answered your questions, please feel free to contact us. Our pleasure is in helping you.