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How To Sell Hair ?

Hair selling guide

If you are ready to sell your hair, this is a guide that will help you sell it in a smooth process.

  • Before cutting

Before cutting your hair, make sure that you take a few photos of your hair when outdoors by using natural light to get the hair natural colors. Make sure to take pictures while holding the measuring tape on the length of the hair and on its circumference. This will help the buyer to know the measurements of the hair they are buying.

  • Hair Cutting

You may cut your hair before or after it is paid for. If cutting it after it is paid for, let the buyer know the length of the hair you intend to cut. Brush the hair and tie it with elastic hair bands into a ponytail in order to cut it. After you cut, try not to brush the hair or to mix up the ends. This will prevent the hair from entangling.

  • Packaging

Package the cut hair in airtight bag or in zip locked plastic bags to ensure that it does not get dusty or contaminated. Wait until the hair is paid for before you send it.

  • Payment

After you choose the buyer, agree on the payment method and the delivery of the hair. PayPal is the recommended method of payment for both parties to be on the safe side. Be careful since there are a lot of con artists. Some may send a fake email purporting to be payment notification. Other con artists may expect you to send your hair with pending amounts that are yet to get to your PayPal account. Ignore such emails and others that may look suspicious.

  • Shipment

As soon as you confirm payment of the hair, send it to the buyer. Use the tracking number you get from the service you are using for delivery to send the hair. Also, send the tracking number to the buyer. This may be slightly expensive due to an increase in delivery charges, but it also protects you when you are using PayPal.

In case you are taking the hair to the buyer, remember to take precautionary measures such as meeting in a public place.

  • Hair pricing

The prices of the hair vary. There are those that cost a few hundred dollars and others can cost up to thousands of dollars. This depends on various factors such as origin, length, texture, color, and the preference of the buyer.

If you are not sure of how to price your hair, you can check the prices of other sellers with similar hair. This will give you an idea of the price to charge. Alternatively, you can wait for the buyers to make their offers in which you should take the highest offer or the offer that pleases you.